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QUETSAL is a SPARQL endpoint federation engine for federated SPARQL query processing

QUETSAL is an upcoming SPARQL endpoint federation suit which will integrate HiBISCUS, DAW, and CostFed.

Following are the relevant AKSW projects to QUETSAL.

  • HiBISCuS- A hypergraph based source selection for SPARQL endpoints federation.
  • DAW- DAW: Duplicate-AWare Federated Query Processing over the Web of Data
  • CostFed- CostFed: Cost-Based Query Optimization for SPARQL Endpoint Federation
  • TopFed- Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) tailored federated query processing and linking to Linked Open Data (LOD) Cloud.
  • LargeRDFBench- A billion triples benchmark for SPARQL Endpoint Federation.
Dr. Muhammad Saleem

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