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A Featured-Based SPARQL Benchmarks Generation Framework.

FEASIBLE, an automatic approach for the generation of benchmarks out of the query history of applications, i.e., query logs. The generation is achieved by selecting prototypical queries of a user-defined size from the input set of queries. We evaluate our approach on two query logs and show that the benchmarks it generates are accurate approximations of the input query logs. Moreover, we compare four different triple stores with benchmarks generated using our approach and show that they behave differently based on the data they contain and the types of queries posed. Our results suggest that FEASIBLE generates better sample queries than the state of the art. In addition, the better query selection and the larger set of query types used lead to triple store rankings which partly differ from the rankings generated by previous works.

Online demo is available at http://feasible.aksw.org/

Dr. Muhammad Saleem

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